I Pay Homage to Buddhas Vajrapani, Manjusri, Chenrezig:

Dorje Shugden is a manifestation of Vajrapani, Manjusri and Chenrezig.

Vajrapani will become the thousandth and final Buddha of this time. He will be called Buddha Ma rig mun sel drön ma che. "The Guide of Men" will have as birthplace the land, called Glorious Brilliance. He will be of princely descent, and his light will be measureless. "Fine to See" will be his father's name; "Lovely to Look Upon" will be the name of the mother of the Jina. "Strength" will be the name of his son; "Sweetness" will be his principal attendant. The one with miraculous abilities will be known as "Without Desire and Without Ignorance". He will hold a measureless number of extraordinary assemblies, and the human life span will also be measureless. The Tathagata ma rig mun sel drön ma che first generated the mind of enlightenment when he was a mendicant and prepared food himself for the Tathagata known as "King of Patterns". This Jina will accomplish as many perfect actions, as were performed by 999 Buddhas, and after the nirvana of this Heart of Sentient Beings, the Holy Dharma will remain to benefit the world for a further countless thousands of years. The relics of this Jina will be extensive.

The Protector Dorje Shugden (powerful thunderbolt) is an emanation of Vajrapani. Some of Dorje Shugden's other titles are Great king of dgra-lha (dgra lha'i rgyal chen) and Life Master (srog bdag).